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Jean Pierre Bacilio jpbacilio at
Thu Apr 20 13:52:55 EDT 2017

omg... thanks anyway.

El 20 abr. 2017 12:46 PM, "David Woolley" <forums at>

> On 20/04/17 18:21, Jean Pierre Bacilio wrote:
>> But those email was sent from <>, not through
>> your website or for public purposes.
> There is no support organisation for Pidgin.  You get support from other
> users by posting a to public mailing list.  You are warned that it is a
> public mailing list at the time that you are given the email address.
> In general, if you seek support for any open source software for which you
> have not paid a support fee, your questions will be public.
> For the avoidance of doubt, I am an ordinary user, and have no power to
> remove the posting from pipermail, let alone Google or any of the many
> other sites where it will have been archived.
> Please note that today's postings are also public.
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