otr-plugin: failing private session recognition with Adium-users

Jens B├╝rger jbuerger at arcor.de
Thu Aug 3 09:42:44 EDT 2017

Dear people of Pidgin,

I'm absolutely unsure if this could be a bug, misconfiguration, a 
problem in Pidgin or the otr plugin at all, or whatever.
So I'm just describing it now, maybe you have hints:

I'm using Pidgin 2.10.12 and the otr plugin 4.0.2 on my Linux PC. I also 
  use Adium on my Mac. Both with the same ICQ account.

As far as I understand, Adium tries to establish an otr connection 

It often happens that people send me messages and the only thing I get 
is a informative text saying
"The message received from $ICQNUMBER cannot be read because you are not 
in a private conversation."

This is annoying because the messages are of course lost. I have to 
start a private conversation manually then and ask the people to write 
their stuff again.

Is this is a known behavior? What can I do about it?

Kind regards,

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