Cannot Seem to Make the System Work

David Woolley forums at
Thu Aug 17 04:32:57 EDT 2017

I'm not familiar with the fine details of the XMPP support, but an error 
that says bad file descriptor sounds like a secondary error (a previous 
error has invalidated the file descriptor and the code has tried to 
continue processing).  Are you taking the message from the debug log? 
If so, what precedes the final error, as that is more likely to be helpful.

On 16/08/17 05:11, Aemudi17 wrote:
> Sorry about my ignorance.  At sea!!  Is what you are looking to know - XMPP?
> If so, please do give me any advise you can .. I have not yet taken out
> all that I downloaded, so help would be appreciated
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>> On 15/08/17 16:14, Aemudi17 wrote:
>> > Doesn"t look like you are going to give me any assistance, so I will
>> > just clear out everything I have downloaded to my laptop... and
>> start again.
>> >
>> You didn"t provide the information needed to give you any assistance.
>> Also note that "you" just means other users of Pidgin, as there is no
>> money for a support organisation.
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