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Eion Robb eion at
Mon Jun 19 15:33:50 EDT 2017

Hi David,

You're correct that its up to the individual protocol and protocol plugin
to support image sending. You're also right that the Facebook plugin
doesn't support this at present. What's the patch you've found for adding
support for that, do you have a link?


On 20/06/2017 05:12, "David Nelson" <daivddd at> wrote:

I'm just learning Pidgin 2.12.0 that I installed a few days ago.
Everything looks good except the inability to Insert Images.  I've since
learned that only certain protocols can do this.  Is Facebook included?  I
want to send pictures to Facebook contacts.

I saw someone had made a patch for Inserting Images, but I couldn't figure
it out.  Do you know of a patch that works?

How about a plugin?

If I can't Insert Images I'll have to keep searching for another IM.

Can anybody help?

Thank you,

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