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A publicface at bak.rr.com
Sat Mar 11 12:44:12 EST 2017

There are methods to use both a website forum and a mailing list that
syncs the two; because this is not a new disagreement of opinion.  I've
seen it done, unfortunately I can't remember any details it was ages
ago; though it's likely whatever site/list it was still exists.  As
google says "Sorry, that's all we know".

For the record, I see the benefit and the disadvantages of both ways and
it's more a question of personal preference than anything else.  This is
why I use an address designed to collect spam. When I get tired of
filtering it, I'll create a new one.  My ISP gives me 25 aliases to play
with up from 10.  Even they get it now.  Plus there's all the freebie
emails.  These days you can even poll them to get it all on your desktop
or I think they'll even poll each other though I've never tried.  There
are times I like to see messages in my email and times I like to bring
up a browser.  Aren't choices great?

Speaking of choices... when should we expect pidgin to support SIP?


On 03/10/2017 12:32 PM, pidgin at alexoren.com wrote:
> On 09-03-2017 14:51, Ethan Blanton wrote:
>> Yes, we have had spam problems.  This is due to some problems with the
>> migration of our services from one machine to another.  You may have
>> noticed that we had a large amount of spam for a couple of days (at
>> which point I noticed the problem; my scripts for noticing such
>> problems had a bug, or I'd have noticed it earlier), after which we
>> have had exactly *one* spam message (the one that leaked through
>> today).  I believe the problem is fixed, but as we are relying largely
>> on Bayesian filtering, we may see a few leaks until things settle.
>> The multiple-obvious-spams-a-day problem should be entirely gone, that
>> was a specific migration problem that caused the filters to be
>> entirely inoperative (versus possibly slightly under-trained).
> The problem is definitely not "solved".
> Every message to the list exposes the sender's email address to all
> the recipients.
> Most of the spam that I receive to my dedicated pidgin email address
> does not come directly from the mailing list.
>>> There is a reason everybody uses web forums.
>> Where "everybody" = "some people".
> OK, I'll bite.
> Please point me to mailing lists used for non-technical end-user
> support (I assume that using IM clients does not require extensive
> technical knowledge) with reasonably high traffic.
>>> And yes, I will be shouted down again, I'm used to it by now.
>> Probably.  Bad suggestions tend to get that.
> http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Argument_by_assertion
> I have been using mailing lists in various incarnations since the late
> '80s and I have yet to see one compelling argument to the superiority
> of mailing lists over modern forums that did not boil down to "this is
> what I am used to since the early days of ARPANET" or "it takes an
> extra click".
> On the contrary, I claim that a forum will solve a lot of problems,
> such as:
> - People using "reply" instead of "reply to all"
> - Oracle employees asking questions that should be directed to their
> IT department (put a sticky thread "ATTN Oracle employees")
> - The same question asked over and over again, such as the AIM
> protocol change (again, sticky thread)
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