Problem with facebook (w/ purple facebook)

Michael Secord gizmokid2005 at
Wed Mar 29 23:34:03 EDT 2017

On 3/29/2017 20:28, Osanda Keshan wrote:
> Hi,
> The client worked perfectly for years but recently it shows a message 
> in the bottom of the buddy list window saying "null value for 
> $.viewer_messages.thread.sync_sequence_id". It seems like number of 
> online users are updated eventhough user list is not retrieved. Pidgin 
> has updated to the latest version, also the purple facebook dlls. 
> Tried readding facebook account, also with regular and app passwords. 
> This is on windows 7 x64 computer. Please help. Thanks.
It doesn't sound like you have the most up-to-date plugin dll for 
Facebook. This issue was addressed by the developer early this morning. 
The issue on github detailing this can be found here:

The updated dll that you need to use can be found (and is also linked 
from the issue above) here:

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