Trying to understand Pidgin from a developer's perspective

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Fri May 26 09:06:56 EDT 2017


I have just started using Pidgin to build a instant messaging system along with ejabberd. I have few questions regarding Pidgin that I wanted to be sure about :

1) Is pidgin a open source?

as I have found the source code at this link

and I wanted to know that whether it is a correct repository for downloading pidgin's source code and is it open source?

2) what are the prerequisites for understanding the source code of Pidgin.

3) If it is open source what are the process of adding/editing code and use it as a application

4) I was reading about the jabber's message.c file of Pidgin inside the libpurple folder on the above mentioned github link and I found the repetitive use of functions like g_warn_if_fail(), g_object_new(), g_return_val_if_fail(), g_hash_table_insert(), g_free() etc and the fact that all these functions are starting from g_ makes me think that they all have their implementation at the same place. 

Is it true?

If it is then where exactly are these functions written and why are all of them preceded by g_ ?

Please if someone can answer these questions it would be very helpful to understand Pidgin.

Best Regards,

Abhishek Ranjan 
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