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Hi Alex,

The FAQ link there talks about the plugin for customising the priorities.


On 30 May 2017 at 13:53, Alex <pidgin at> wrote:

> Thanks Eion, but unfortunately in some cases Pidgin makes the wrong
> choice, and the fact that the user cannot override/customize it is a
> deficiency that should be addressed.
> Is there no plugin that allows for more flexibility?
> On 29-05-2017 18:00, Eion Robb wrote:
>> Hi Alex,
>> You might find
>> ddiesintocontactscanIcontrolwhichoneisselected
>> to be helpful.  You can drag buddies around in a Contact in order to
>> prioritise them, but the precedence of which one gets highest
>> priority is controlled within Pidgin.
>> Cheers, Eion
>> On 30 May 2017 at 09:50, Alex <pidgin at
>> <mailto:pidgin at>> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I would like to set protocol priority per buddy.
>> Here are some cases:
>> 1) One of my contacts uses Jabber (desktop) and Hangouts (mobile). When
>> they are not available on Hangouts, their status is shown as
>> "Invisible" (this is the case with all my Hangouts contacts). When
>> they are inactive on Jabber, their status changes to "Extended away",
>> even though they are at the computer. Unfortunately, the Hangouts
>> "Invisible" status seems to take precedence, and I often end up
>> sending to the wrong device.
>> I would like to indicate that for that contact, the Jabber connection
>> always takes precedence over Hangouts unless it's offline.
>> 2) Another contact uses Skype (desktop) and Hangouts (mobile). Sometimes
>> they forget to log out of Hangouts, but for some reason it
>> takes precedence over Skype, and again I end up sending to the wrong
>> device.
>> I would like to indicate that for that contact, the Skype connection
>> takes precedence over Hangouts when they are both available.
>> How can I do that?
>> Thanks, Alex.
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