AOL leaving does it effect my Pidgin

Eion Robb eion at
Fri Nov 3 02:12:11 EDT 2017

Hi Laurel,

Unfortunately all the AIM servers are going away, so you'll need to switch
to a different service.  If you want to use something you control, it'd be
worth considering hosting something like XMPP, Mattermost or for
your team chat (all 3 are available to use in Pidgin, 2 with plugins).

Have a look at to
see if there's any other options outside of the built-in options in Pidgin
that might be useful to you too.


On 3 November 2017 at 16:59, Laurel <laurel at> wrote:

> Quick question … our company has used AOL IM for 15 yrs to keep our
> contractors who work out of the homes connected. Last year we migrated over
> to Pidgin.
> Our initial logins and accounts were created with AOL. Since all their
> data is going away, do we need to set up new accounts to use with Pidgin.
> Been very happy with its functionality in our small business.
> Thank you!
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