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Fri Nov 10 10:52:05 EST 2017

Good Day!


Since I haven't heard back it seemed like a good idea to follow up and
ensure that you received my first message. 


Look forward to hearing from you J


Best Regards,

Adam Callinan

Demand Gen Executive


From: adam.callinan 
Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2017 10:22 AM
Subject: Q4 Marketing Leads




Would a targeted email list of Atlassian Jira Users make a difference to
your marketing efforts? We offer comprehensive business information with
personalized emails of key decision makers.


If I've got the right person, can we connect in the next few days? If not,
who would you recommend I speak with?


Do let me know your target criteria and I would be glad to assist you.


Thanks and have a great day!


Best Regards,

Adam Callinan

Demand Gen Executive




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