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Go to Wikipedia and look up ASCII characters and it will give you a list of the ASCII and HEX codes for each letter/character of the alphabet, including spaces, punctuation, etc. This should help you with your coding.

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On Nov 17, 2017, at 05:17, Naveen Jafer <naveenjafer at> wrote:

Hi, I am passing information to Pidgin from a third party service that I have built as plain text, I am facing a problem with indentation in Pidgin, What are the characters for a "tab" and "end of line" functionality. Essentially I am looking for replacements to "\n" and "\t".

What exactly I am looking for is along these lines.
Text Sent to pidgin: "Hello world <end of line> what is going on?"
How I want it to be displayed in the client side: 
"Hello World
What is going on"

Could someone help me out?

Warm Regards,
Naveen Jafer

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