password Reset

David Woolley forums at
Thu Nov 23 04:43:53 EST 2017

On 22/11/17 14:34, EXT-Beville, Jacob D wrote:
> Trying to reset my password that I don’t know. Checking online they say 
> that you can do it from the interface of the program but it seems that 
> it has to be enabled for that to happen. I can’t seem to get to the 
> website because it’s blocked from my location. Anyway I can get someone 
> to do it?

The people on this, public, mailing list have no idea which instant 
messaging service you are using and, even if they did, would have no 
ability to access your account on that service.

Also, I do not believe that pidgin provides any means to change 
passwords on instant messaging services.

You need to contact the people running the service, use the official 
client for the service, or use its web interface.

(If your problem is that the old password is still valid, but you have 
forgotten it because you saved it in Pidgin, someone should be able to 
tell you where to look to find it in the configuration files.  It would 
help to know which operating system you are using, though.)

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