visible / "stay-in-front" message notifications=

Kristian Rink kawazu428 at
Thu Nov 30 02:31:39 EST 2017


we're using XMPP and various clients (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS) in a 
mid-sized company for internal communication and have one use case so 
far left unresolved: We want to establish certain channels to send out 
messages to each and every user and make sure they are seen *under all 
circumstances*. Best solution for this would be to, like, pop up a 
dialog or message window centered on the screen, focussed and in front 
of all windows so to make sure the incoming message doesn't go unnoticed.

Right now we're using pidgin on the Windows desktop, conference chats 
and see loads of users complain that this process doesn't really work - 
messages in the group chats either go completely unnoticed or end up in 
a "blinking system tray" icon no one cares about. Is it possible to make 
such notifications more "massive" and persistent - i.o.w. also not just 
a toast-like popup that automatically disappears after n seconds?

TIA and all the best,

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