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On Oct 5, 2017, at 06:33, David Woolley <forums at> wrote:

On 05/10/17 12:27, Marco Lorenzini Flashstart wrote:

> We bought one license for Pidgin for account f.collini.

Licences for Pidgin are free of charge.  (It would be possible for someone to charge for supporting Pidgin.)
> Now we need to buy another account so can you tell me how can I proceed to do that?

There is no account needed to have a licence for Pidgin, as anyone receiving the software automatically gets a licence.

I suspect you are confusing Pidgin with the instant messaging service that you access with it.  That will be provided by a completely different organisation, and may well be something you have to pay for.

> Furthermore, is it possible to have a main account and a secondary account so that if main account doesn't respond to a chat for a while, that chat will be automatically passed to the secondary account?

Pidgin is an instant messaging service.  A message that failed using one connection may be stale by the time that that times out.  I do not believe that Pidgin has any such alternative routing capability.

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