AIM shutting down - continued log support?

Ethan Blanton elb at
Wed Oct 11 20:05:23 EDT 2017

Echo Echo wrote:
> As you guys have probably heard, AIM is being discontinued on December
> 15th. While I rarely used AIM these days, one of my favorite things about
> Pidgin how it logged conversations and allowed you to search within them.
> Will this feature still be supported when AIM is discontinued? Do any of
> you know of any replacement .html file readers / indexers / something that
> will let me still search my logs?

I just uploaded a project that I wrote in the early 2000s that may be
helpful to you, or someone else:

It does not have searching, let's call that an exercise for the
reader.  ;-)  It does, however, view logs.  It almost certainly only
works on POSIX systems, and it requires Tcl/Tk.

The log files kept by libpurple are plain text (or lightly marked-up
HTML), so you can use, e.g., grep to search them.


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