Can't Login to Yahoo

Colin cjk1951uk at
Mon Sep 25 16:03:19 EDT 2017

Hi Eion,

Thanks for putting me right, sorry I posted in the wrong place.

The github site you mention is where I got the latest plugin from so I've put a watch on it from now.

Thanks to you and the others for continuing to work on th plugin!


======= On 24-September-2017, 23:32:23 you wrote: =======

>Hi Colin,
>Yahoo support is provided by a third party plugin and wouldn't be something
>that would normally be supported by the support at mailing list
>(which is normally just for core Pidgin support)
>Coincidentally I'm one of the unfortunate authors of the FunYahoo++ plugin,
>so I'm able to respond. It looks like Yahoo made a change on their servers
>again.  The best place to track this is on the Issue Tracker for the plugin
>On 25 September 2017 at 06:52, Colin <cjk1951uk at> wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I haven't used Pidgeon 2.12 for a about three months but on just trying
>> Yahoo I can't login and see 'username disconneted' + 'session expired.'
>> I went back to 2.11 with the same result.
>> I've updated the Yahoo plugin to the latest one and that hasn't help.
>> I also logged into my account on the the Yahoo web site just in cas I was
>> locked out but that's working fine and I can see my contacts on there.
>> Not sure what's going on unless Yahoo have changed something in their
>> servers that the plugin no longer likes.
>> If it matters I'm using Windows 7x64.
>> Any chance of looking into this please?
>> Thank you...Colin

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