Pidgin for Blackberry OS Smartphone

David Woolley forums at
Thu Jul 26 18:53:59 EDT 2018

On 26/07/18 23:02, Kevin Butler wrote:

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I'm guessing that the intended question was whether there is a version 
of Pidgin for the Blackberry, but the question you should have asked is 
something like one of:

Is there an XMPP client for Blackberry?

Is there a multiprotocol IM client for Blackberry?

Is there an app for Blackberry that uses libpurple.

Pidgin uses Gtk+ as its GUI widget library, and I'm not aware that that 
runs on Blackberry.  In fact I'm not sure that it runs on anything that 
does have mouse buttons or equivalents.

I don't know if Blackberry supports C shared libraries, so I'm not sure 
if a libpurple based app is possible.

See <>.

"xmpp blackberry" seems to return some good looking hits.

I couldn't find any obvious multiprotocol clients, but I didn't try hard.

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