Pidgin 2.12.0. Always crashing on screen resolution changes

Shlomi Fish shlomif at
Fri Jun 8 05:10:25 EDT 2018

On Fri, 8 Jun 2018 09:23:22 +0100
Mark Gillespie <mark.gillespie at> wrote:

> Hello, got a problem with pidgin where it crashes when my screen resolution
> changes.  I have multiple monitors in my laptop dock, when I dock or
> undock, it will.akways crash.  For my scenario, this is 10+ times a day (I
> go to lots of meetings!!!).
> Is there a workaround or fix? Is this a known issue?


1. There is pidgin 2.13.0 already.

2. What are your system's software?

3. See .

4. Can you provide a crash stacktrace?



> Thanks

Shlomi Fish

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