Buddy showing up as "not authorized"

Eion Robb eion at robbmob.com
Sun Sep 2 20:23:49 EDT 2018

Hi Quinn,

This normally means you are "not authorised" to see the other persons
presence information (online/away/offline etc) and that you should be
re-requesting the authorisation (not him).  Depending on the XMPP server
that you're connecting to, you might need to remove the buddy and re-add
them.  If it's gtalk.com as the XMPP server, then that's a whole different
kettle of fish with a different solution (related to public vs private
profiles and accounts)

Are you still able to send/recieve IM messages from him?


On Mon, 3 Sep 2018 at 10:45, Quinn Collard <heartscratchmelody at gmail.com>

> One of the chat protocols I use Pidgin for is Jabber, and I have a buddy
> that I've been friends with for almost a year with no trouble. But all
> of a sudden now he's showing up on my buddylist as "Not authorized." The
> only solution I could find googling was that my friend was supposed to
> be able to right-click on me on his own buddylist and find a "Request
> (re)authorization" setting, but he says he doesn't see that. He's not
> using Pidgin, he's using iMessage.
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