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Vamsi Gudimetla g.vamsikrishna at
Wed Sep 12 21:46:44 EDT 2018

 Thanks a lot Eion. I am not sure if I can use macports on our business laptop but I will check with Adium to see if there is any other option.
Thanks again for taking time to respond.
    On Wednesday, September 12, 2018, 3:16:41 PM CDT, Eion Robb <eion at> wrote:  
 Hi Vamsi,
You can use Pidgin on OSX through various means (Fink, Macports, etc) if you want to keep using Pidgin.In terms of migrating your logs to Adium, you'll need to ask Adium that :)

On Thu, 13 Sep 2018 at 04:53, Vamsi Gudimetla <g.vamsikrishna at> wrote:

Hi Pidgin support,
I am a heavy user of pidgin on windows (over 12yrs) and whenever I got a new laptop, I used copy my old logs into .purple/logs to keep track of all chats.
I am switching to Macbook now and I understand Adium is recommended for mac. Can I migrate all my old pidgin logs into Adium?
thank you in advance,Vamsi G_______________________________________________
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