Data Removal Request

David Woolley forums at
Mon Aug 5 06:50:47 EDT 2019

On 05/08/2019 11:21, Wade Smart wrote:
>>> Please note that I am not looking for instructions on how to delete my
>>> account, I want you to delete all my data due to this request.
> Reminds me of the judge who told the legal team - You put it out there,
> you clean it up.
> HAHAH These things always make me laugh -- further proof that those
> who use really do have NO idea how things work. But in their defense,
> it can get complex but .. a little reading would help. Actually - ANY reading
> would.

The OP does actually have the right to request this of any entity 
storing data that is subject to the EU's GDPR.  However, I presume that 
the pidgin mailing list is operated outside the jurisdiction of that law.

I haven't looked at it in sufficient detail to see how it applies to 
information that will clearly enter the public domain.

My suspicion is that, if the archive were operated within the 
geographical coverage of the law, its operators would be required to 
remove all references to the data subject from their copy, but separate 
requests would need to be made to the controllers of other copies.

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