Sudden odd message trying to sign on - corrected msg for length

Angel cmmcangel at
Wed Jan 23 01:36:19 EST 2019

Sorry for the huge message last time. I included screen captures of 
the various dialog boxes. This time I'm including just the data IN the dialogs

I was using this just last night, and now it won't let me connect. 
What am I doing wrong?

When I try to connect, I get this message:

cmmcangel at disabled

Recieved unexpected response from 
hhtps:./ Target not exist

Manage Account

Basic tab

Login Options

Protocol ICQ
Username cmmcangel at
Password <current, has not changed>
Remember password: ON

User Options

Local alias DragonLady

Advanced tab

Port 5190
Connection security Use encryption if available
Authentication method  clientLogin
Encoding CP1252

Proxy tab

Proxy type Use Global Proxy Settings


Tried logging off, exiting Pidgin, on again, modify account, 
re-enable button and through manage acct  but no joy.


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