Pidgin is not working

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Thu May 7 06:24:42 EDT 2020

Hi David-

Thank You so much.


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On 07/05/2020 09:59, Anurita Majumdar wrote:
> Hi Team-

There's no team; this is a peer support mailing list.
> I am not able to access my pidgin, it's showing the below error:

You are able to access pidgin.  What you can't access is the AOL instant messaging server.  Pidgin is just the client.

> Error requesting 
> Login__;!!GqivPVa7Brio!NoTlaSskzygI_1dcrXQJyWhsC_8J1QGfLuAd-4N63l-n_pP
> V7ESAJBM75LIBu4ZsepqA$ : Unable to connect to 
> SSL Connection Failed

AOL have closed down their service, so this will obviously happen if you try to access them!

If you are actually trying to access Oracle's internal service, please note that details of this are not in public domain, so you will need to contact your employer's own IT department, as people on this list do not have the information needed to help you.

Standard response for Oracle users:

We are advised that people within the Oracle network can use <> for more information; for outsiders, like us, it just redirects to the public home page.

Please explain to whoever should be supporting you why you went to the wrong place, and suggest how they could fix that in future.

> Could you please help me at the earliest.
> Thank You-
> Anurita Majumdar
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