Recent error.

Glenn Burkins glenn.burkins at
Sun May 31 13:21:38 EDT 2020


I've been using Pidgin for some time now and recently started getting a
connection error stating "The action attempted has been deemed abusive
or is otherwise disallowed". I click on the button labelled "Re-enable"
and the connection is restored. After some period of time the error
again appears.

Steps I've taken: I uninstalled Pidgin and removed all traces of the
app, plugins and logs from my system. I then downloaded and installed
the pidgin-2.13.0 client. I am using pidgin for Facebook so I downloaded
the libfacebook.dll and libjson-glib-1.0.dll files into the appropriate
directories for pidgin to use them. I then configured my Facebook
account (Pidgin Account Management). I did not add or enable any other
plugins. All appeared to go well and pidgin connected to my account.
However, the error yet appears.

Any assistance you could provide me would be greatly appreciated (I
really enjoy Pidgin)!


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