Pidgin is not connecting

David Woolley forums at
Tue Oct 6 06:35:08 EDT 2020

On 06/10/2020 07:56, Durgasai Deepika Naidu wrote:
> I am Durga, I work at Oracle Chennai. Recently I installed pidgin but when I try to connect using my email address it is showing some error.
> Kindly please look into the matter and reply at the earliest. Please find the  screenshot of error attached.

This is is a peer support mailing list, for a piece of open source 
software.  We can give advice, but we cannot look into things.  In 
particular, we cannot look into Oracle's internal instant messaging 
services, as we have no access to them, and can only guess the nature of 

It seems to me that your problem lies in connecting to Oracle's internal 
server, so you need to contact Oracle's internal people that manage that 

Also note that the URL you provided redirects to 
<>, presumably because the general 
public have no access to the web server you used.

Standard response for Oracle users:

We are advised that people within the Oracle network can use 
<> for more information; for 
outsiders, like us, it just redirects to the public home page.

Please explain to whoever should be supporting you why you went to the 
wrong place, and suggest how they could fix that in future.

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