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Sat Apr 10 05:24:03 EDT 2021

On 4/10/21 3:45 AM, An0nima wrote:
> Hello, sorry to bother you all.

It's not bother, this is exactly what this mailing list is for.

> In the old version of pidgin 2.13.0(all operation systems, using the IRC protocol when I righ click in the tab of the nickanme e can right click 
and get info (old.png)
> But in the later versions 2.14.0 and newer that option is gone (new.png.

I can't seem to reproduce this, is it happening for every username or
just  a select few?  Are the channels/nicknames in a language other than

> Is it a bug?

Maybe? Won't know for certain until we're able to reproduce it.

> Best regards
> Stephanie Santos
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