Google Chat and Whatsapp and Signal

Phil Smith III lists at
Thu Aug 12 12:36:08 EDT 2021

I've asked a couple of questions on this list and not even seen my own
posts, which is weird and concerning. I *am* getting mail every day at this
address, so it's odd; all I can think is that my ISP is blocking the list.


First: if anyone replies to this note, can you please CC lists at
<mailto:lists at>  and phsiii at <mailto:phsiii at> ,
so I know (a) that someone did this (since presumably the gmail note will
get through even if the other one doesn't)?


Second: Google Chat is basically crap for a number of reasons, at least on
Android (and one might guess/assume that a Google product on a Google
platform is going to be the best implementation). So I'm looking at
switching to Whatsapp or Signal.


I see two Whatsapp plugins, from  davidgfnet and hoehermann, and a Signal
plugin from hoehermann.


I see three possibilities:

1.	hoehermann did Signal first, lost interest, and is now focused on
2.	the reverse
3.	hoehermann is just a great person and is keeping both current


If #2 is the case, I'll go with Signal. If it's #1 or #3, I'd love any
comments from folks about whether hoehermann or davidgfnet's plugins are




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