David Woolley forums at
Sat Dec 11 06:40:57 EST 2021

On 11/12/2021 11:09, mswcorp wrote:
> How do I send encrypted messages on pidgin?

Insufficiently specified.

What IM services are are available to you?

Which of those do you trust not to abuse a man in the middle position?

Do you plan to operate your own server?

Do you need end to end encryption?

Do you need multipoint end to end encryption?

How much work are you prepared to put into sending a message?

What is the nature of the threat?

Are you concerned about traffic flow security?

I believe XMPP provides encryption to and from the server, but not 
within the server.  That is probably true for the supported services 
provided by commercial organisations, like Google.

I don't think any of the official plugins implements end to end 
encryption, but some third party ones might.

You can always encrypt off line, convert to uuencode or base64, and 
paste that into a message, or series of messages, for any text based 
service, but, on its own, will not give traffic flow security.

Please use a useful subject in future, so that other people can find the 
thread in the archives, and it doesn't look like spam in my mailbox.

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