Issue with Pidgin text

David Woolley forums at
Fri Oct 1 18:51:34 EDT 2021

On 01/10/2021 16:58, Pangea Office wrote:
> We are having an issue where our pidgin messaging is
> working for all but a select few numbers. Can you help us figure out why
> for certain people our messages do not deliver?
> (number: 818-335-9916)

You are missing rather important information, which makes me think you 
don't really understand what Pidgin is.  Most users of Pidgin do not use 
services for which a phone number has any meaning at all.  You need to 
tell us the service you are using.

Chances are that your problem is with that service and not with Pidgin, 
but if you need to pursue Pidgin, you will need to provide us with error 
messages, and the debugging logs it produces.

The only phone number based service I'm aware of is a South African one, 
but I haven't seen that mentioned in a long time.

I've taken the developer list out of the recipients, as cross posting is 
a bad idea on mailing lists and this doesn't seem to be on topic there.

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