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Fri Oct 22 11:02:41 EDT 2021

 OK  a follow-up I have remembered the Password and can log into my Account on this computer but cannot login on the other 2 it shows this message - "incorrect username or password"  and won't allow me to log in now, what can I do to get it to allow me to log in?

    On Friday, October 22, 2021, 09:23:04 AM CDT, sequoyahcoem at <sequoyahcoem at> wrote:  
 I am needing help with a Password Problem, I have forgotten my Password for my account:  em-steven.d.rutherford
I am trying to get it entered into a couple of backup computers and cannot remember what it is, I have had them connected before but, they had lost power and internet connections during an office equipment move and now I cannot log in and get on Pidgin on those computers.  

Let me know what I need to do.  Thanks.  

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