Auto correct feature from the installer broken

Gary Kramlich grim at
Fri Jan 7 15:07:43 EST 2022

On 12/20/21 14:10, Ian wrote:
> Hello,
> When trying to install the Auto correct English US feature via the Pidgin
> installer for Windows it gives an error message that the file can't be
> downloaded.
> When trying to download the Zip file via the link displayed in the error
> message, it goes to a page that says "This project is discontinued
> 12-Feb-2021".
> Please see attached image for more details.

Sorry about that, it's been on our todo list for a while to get it fixed 
and noted as much in our release notes.

> Can the installer be updated to remove the spell check option or update the
> link it is supposed to install the libraries?
> Can the Developer Wiki site be updated to reflect the changes?

As I mentioned above it is in our release announcements[1] and we're 
planning on fixing it, it's just time consuming and error prone and 
honestly you're the first person to mention it in over a year. So it 
didn't seem like many people were interested in it.

That said, I will make it a priority for the next release.

> Thank you



Gary Kramlich <grim at>

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