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Gabriel Young gabriel at
Wed May 4 04:41:10 EDT 2022

Hello Team,

Hope you are doing good.

Love your website and content. I'm sure you get, tons of SEO cold emails,
so instead of sending a bunch of bullet points I'd love to send 2 specific

1. I see you're using old school link building process - which a lot of
cheap firms recommend and this kills your search engine rank and traffic in
the long term. The solution is targeted content posts with proper manual
optimization - we've had clients go from page ten to page one on google
with proper optimization.

2. Your website still uses ipv4. Whereas, it's time for ipv6. It's better
instead to naturally put keywords into your blog posts and content

I strongly believe, our marketing campaign (Organic and paid) can help you
to improve high visibility in organic search results and boost in
conversion rate.

*That's a lot of calls You're missing out.*

If you are interested please reply to this email and I will send you the
next step with details proposal.

Have a Great Day.

Thanks & Regards,
Gabriel Young | (Analyst)

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