Authenticating with's X service

Kourosh P. kourosh at
Sun Nov 20 11:57:44 EST 2022

Dear Pidgin support,
Thank you for an amazing app.

I am a new user with Pidgin. For the life of me I have been trying to
figure out how to use the's X service with the Buddy Pounce in
Pidgin. Following the instructions on "How do I authenticate/identify with
a buddy pounce..." every time I connect to the server, X asks "To use
LOGIN, you must /msg X at".

How do I incorporate that in the Buddy Pounce settings as the Pidgin
website indicates not to use "/msg ...." ? I have even tried to add the
Buddy name as X at instead of X but no success.

Would appreciate your guidance.

Thank you in advance,

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