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pidgin at pidgin at
Thu Oct 6 14:14:28 EDT 2022

On 2022-10-06 12:39, Brian Morrison wrote:
> Exactly like? So it's a mailing list manager...

Apparently a hybrid.  I don't know how well they managed to pull that off, but they claim they have.

> I use the email interface to (I'd prefer not to have to, but
> it is what it is) and I find that email to the group usually
> have broken references headers and the threading is broken because of
> this. I also see lots of replies to list and to me as well and it
> drives me crazy.

Those are valid concerns, and I have asked on the Discourse metaforum.
I will follow up when I get a reply.

> Mailing lists have worked for me for way over 35 years so I am
> resistant to change.

I've used BBSes (V.22bis dial-up), mailing lists, Usenet, various proprietary "groups", and Web Forums of all kinds.  I find Web forums vastly more convenient than mailing lists for multiple reasons, but I have no interest to convert others, so a solution that can work for both would be best.

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