Facebook Plugin

Konstantin Kharlamov hi-angel at yandex.ru
Fri Sep 9 03:25:57 EDT 2022

On Thu, 2022-09-08 at 20:47 -0500, Terry A. Haimann wrote:
> I would like to add access to Facebook Messengerr to Pidgin.  Where do
> I d/l the plugin for Debian based systems?

I don't see offhand a deb package anywhere, but I presume you could build this
https://github.com/dequis/purple-facebook and put the .so file to
`~/.purple/plugins/` dir. This shouldn't be too hard: just install the dev
packages, and do a `./autogen.sh && ./configure && make -j$(nproc)`

As a side note, it seems the plugin will be included to the next major Pidgin
version. I wonder when it's going to be released…

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