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#26: Trac & Monotone Integration
  Reporter:  rlaager  |       Owner:  datallah
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 Component:  trac     |     Version:  2.0     
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Comment (by elb):

 I think this would be great, and I'm sure we can make it happen.  It
 should probably occur upon sync to the trac monotone repository, which
 should be kicked somehow on netsync receiving revisions to the main
 monotone server.  (That is to say, a sync sending revisions to pidgin.im's
 monotone server should trigger a netsync hook which kicks trac, and trac
 then pulls from the official repository via netsync.  Something then
 trolls the new revisions (perhaps another netsync hook) and looks for
 magic commit comments.)  We could also implement a cert which does this
 sort of thing (e.g., pidgin:bugfix, with the value being bug report
 numbers) to allow us to annotate a revision as a bugfix a posteriori.  I
 would assume we would use some sort of structured commit message block,
 such as:

 Fixes: 12345 10101
 Affects: 27842
 Implements: 87654

 Which would, say, apply a "fixed in mtn" message to 12345 and 10101,
 perhaps closing them or marking them pending, put a note on 27842 saying
 "Commit <revision> affects this bug report", and mark feature request
 87654 as "implemented in revision <revision>.  Etc., etc.

 I'm not sure if that's what the linked script does, but I'm sure we can
 whip something up.

 As far as branch propagation closing bugs etc., we can probably make that
 happen, but I think it might be a touch more difficult.

 There are some mails on the monotone list about doing various things in
 commit and netsync hooks, I'll poke around and see if anything looks
 immediately relevant.

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