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#10: support.pidgin.im
  Reporter:  seanegan     |       Owner:  lschiere
      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new     
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 Component:  webpage      |     Version:          
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Changes (by seanegan):

  * owner:  seanegan => lschiere


 It seems like it might make sense to have a separate domain for each of
 the things listed as global navigation at ["PidginWebsite"] and then any
 further division grows to the right. So we could have support, developer,
 and www. I guess download.pidgin.im isn't necessary since we're hosting
 our files on sourceforge. But if we did host them ourselves, we probably
 would want a separate domain for it.

 support.pidgin.im/plain_text_passwords.html and

 both seem like sensible URLs.


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