[Pidgin] #48: Make SIP/SIMPLE work with Microsoft Live Communication Server

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#48: Make SIP/SIMPLE work with Microsoft Live Communication Server
  Reporter:  MarkDoliner  |       Owner:               
      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new          
  Priority:  minor        |   Milestone:               
 Component:  libpurple    |     Version:  2.0          
Resolution:               |    Keywords:  MS LCS SIMPLE
Comment (by MarkDoliner):

 Notes from sf bug #1561475:

 The SIMPLE Plugin constructs the actual username
 submitted to the server as <username>@<servername>. But
 for our MS-LCS my account name looks something like
 "myname at ourcompany.com" while the actual server is
 "ourlcs.ourcompany.com". So in 2.0beta3.1 I can either
 have "myname at ourlcs.ourcompany.com" being sent to the
 server (which will be rejected) or I end up with
 "myname at ourcompany.com" which will result in a failing

 How about sending only <username> to the server
 (requiring to enter the full name of course) and using
 <servername> only as the name of the target to send to?

 Someone suggested the following, which didn't help the original poster:

 Set "Screen name" to <username>, "Server" to
 "ourcompany.com", and "Proxy" to "ourlcs.ourcompany.com" and
 check the "Use proxy" checkbox, and this should work.

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