[Tracker] [Pidgin] #22: Rename all user visible Gaim strings to Pidgin

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Sat Jan 27 07:11:27 EST 2007

#22: Rename all user visible Gaim strings to Pidgin
  Reporter:  rlaager       |       Owner:  seanegan                   
      Type:  task          |      Status:  closed                     
  Priority:  blocker       |   Milestone:  Go public with Pidgin 2.0.0
 Component:  pidgin (gtk)  |     Version:  2.0                        
Resolution:  fixed         |    Keywords:                             
Changes (by seanegan):

  * status:  assigned => closed
  * resolution:  => fixed


 All the user-visible strings in gaim.pot have been changed, and I also
 changed all the non-translated strings from "strings gaim"

 I got all the important user-visible strings. The only ones a user might
 still see are in debug statements (which we'll just sed away with the rest
 of the "gaims" and in stuff like client identifiers and User-Agent
 strings, which we'll change later as not to arouse suspicion ;)

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