[Pidgin] #4533: file transfer support for yahoo

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Tue Jan 1 17:34:17 EST 2008

#4533: file transfer support for yahoo
 Reporter:  madthanu       |       Type:  patch
   Status:  new            |   Priority:  minor
Component:  libpurple      |    Version:  2.3.1
 Keywords:  file transfer  |    Pending:  0    
 This patch provides non-p2p send & receive files support with yahoo
 messenger 7,8,9. Send file support has version recognition for buddies and
 tries to send using ymsg 15(i.e. new) protocol for compatible(i.e. YM
 7,8,9) clients. Support already existing for file transfer with messengers
 5,6 etc. must be unaffected.

 Some ideas for receive files support were borrowed from Alex Badea's patch
 (ticket #708), but this patch overrides(cant find another word) it.

 I havent tested this patch for yahoo japan, though i expect it to work.

 I have changed the version identifier in a packet sent by pidgin to
 yahoo's server to YM 8.0 .It was previously not sending any version id,
 although i guess the original developer intended it to be 6.0 . This is
 kind of required for receiving files from YM 9.0 (else the 'send file'
 option is disabled in YM 9.0 ).This hasnt caused any problems as far as i
 have tested, and will surely be required in the near future anyways.

 Closes tickets #4501,#3763,#3509 (all of them are same)
 Related to ticket #708

 My name: Thanumalayan S. My email addr:madthanu at gmail.com

 (Just followed TipsForPatchSubmissions)

Ticket URL: <http://developer.pidgin.im/ticket/4533>
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