[Pidgin] #4545: missing shown newlines when using yahoo

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Wed Jan 2 17:54:48 EST 2008

#4545: missing shown newlines when using yahoo
Reporter:  lkwg82  |       Owner:  marv         
    Type:  defect  |      Status:  new          
Priority:  minor   |   Component:  Yahoo!       
 Version:  2.3.1   |    Keywords:  newline yahoo
 Pending:  0       |  
 even I've try to send some newlines from same pidgin instance to itself
 using another yahoo-account, it is not displayed.

 Testing it with gajim and another client has show, it is a bug of showing
 or incoming message, coz newlines are shown when displayed on another

 thx for fix.

 P.S.my System is ubuntu gutsy + pidgin 2.3.1

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