[Pidgin] #4382: Update to MSNP15

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Thu Jan 3 03:42:58 EST 2008

#4382: Update to MSNP15
  Reporter:  QuLogic  |       Owner:  khc                            
      Type:  patch    |      Status:  new                            
  Priority:  minor    |   Milestone:                                 
 Component:  MSN      |     Version:  2.3.1                          
Resolution:           |    Keywords:  MSNP15, ticket tokens, RPS, SSO
   Pending:  0        |  
Comment (by QuLogic):

 Here are two more patches.

 The first one removes the use of `msn_soap_xml_get`. `xmlnode_get_child`
 seems to work just as well, so I see no need for it. I've been running
 fine with this change for a few days now.

 The second patch fixes problems that occur when you receive many OIM's
 (msnpiki says 25, I tried with 30). If you have received many OIM's, then
 Mail-Data no longer contains their info, and you need to make a SOAP
 request to get the ID's and such. [1] Also, if `xmlnode_from_str` failed
 and returned NULL, then the subsequent dereference of `node->name` causes
 a crash.

 [1] http://msnpiki.msnfanatic.com/index.php/MSNP13:Offline_IM

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