[Pidgin] #393: Add receive Handwritten messages, Winks and Voice Clips to MSN

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Fri Jan 4 06:46:50 EST 2008

#393: Add receive Handwritten messages, Winks and Voice Clips to MSN
  Reporter:  notak  |       Owner:  khc                 
      Type:  patch  |      Status:  assigned            
  Priority:  minor  |   Milestone:                      
 Component:  MSN    |     Version:  2.0                 
Resolution:         |    Keywords:  msn handwritten wink
   Pending:  0      |  
Comment (by notak):

 It's been a while, but the following springs to mind:[[BR]]
 If the multipart message stuff is being a pain, you could just rip it out
 and dn't support handwritten messages in group chats for now (in 1-1 im
 sessions the hw message is always sent as the bastardized slp
 Without looking at the code I guess it probably would make sense for the
 hashtable to be in switchboard, not least because it would allow cleanup
 of incomplete messages. I *think* complete messages are removed from the
 hashtable currently when they are complete and the function returns them.
 If not then they probably should be.[[BR]]
 msn_message_parse_payload was only used in a couple of places when the
 code was written. not sure why this would change, but a simple grep would
 answer the question.[[BR]]
 I don't have any data snippets - when I was developing this patch I had
 easy access to a windows machine so I was just sending the messages on the

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