[Pidgin] #604: Asian Characters not appearing on buddy list

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Fri Jan 4 12:03:33 EST 2008

#604: Asian Characters not appearing on buddy list
  Reporter:  PSyMastR         |       Owner:  datallah
      Type:  defect           |      Status:  reopened
  Priority:  minor            |   Milestone:          
 Component:  winpidgin (gtk)  |     Version:  2.0     
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Comment (by ajmas):

 Replying to [comment:22 trev.stephenson]:
 > ok I'm not exactly sure what the problem is but you can work around it
 by changing the default GTK theme.
 > This can be done by running "C:\Program Files\Common
 Files\GTK\2.0\bin\gtkthemeselector.exe" and setting the default theme to
 something else like "Clearlooks".

 The problem is that you shouldn't need to make any manual changes to get
 international support. The reason it is a problem is because most people
 expect things to 'just work' and manual tinkering of configuration files
 is usually only considered to be for power users.

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