[Pidgin] #4568: Right-clicking opens context menu upon button depression and not upon release

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#4568: Right-clicking opens context menu upon button depression and not upon
 Reporter:  cjanecek      |       Type:  defect
   Status:  new           |   Priority:  minor 
Component:  pidgin (gtk)  |    Version:  2.3.1 
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 (Note: This appears to not just be limited to right-clicking but seems to
 affect left-clicking as well.  Also, while this description is primarily
 about context menus, as that's how I noticed this issue, the issue seems
 to be fundamental to any sort of click event in Pidgin.)

 Right-clicking produces a context menu upon the depression of the mouse
 button and not upon the release of the mouse button.  As I understand it,
 expected GUI behavior should be for an action to occur '''only''' after
 mouse button release.  In Pidgin, however, one can right-click and hold
 down the mouse button (never releasing it) to reveal a context menu.

 Moreover, with the right mouse button still depressed after a right-click,
 one can select a menu item from the context menu, release the right mouse
 button, and have the selected item "activate" (i.e. perform whatever
 action was indicated by the selected item).

 This behavior is easy to observe in many areas (I've not tested all) in
 Pidgin, but I found it--and became exceptionally annoyed by it--when using
 the spell checker in the conversation window.  I would right-click in my
 text area in an effort to correct a misspelled word.  The context menu
 would appear before I released the mouse button.  Then, when I released
 the mouse button (unaware of the behavior), it would often be over the
 first menu item in the context menu, which is "Send."  So, my message
 would be sent with the incorrectly spelled word and often with a wholly
 incomplete message at that (as I was not done typing).

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