[Pidgin] #4583: ICQ messages shows bad characters from QIP

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Sun Jan 6 17:40:42 EST 2008

#4583: ICQ messages shows bad characters from QIP
Reporter:  vasek7          |       Owner:  MarkDoliner                              
    Type:  plugin request  |      Status:  new                                      
Priority:  minor           |   Component:  ICQ                                      
 Version:  2.3.1           |    Keywords:  icq, charset, encoding, chars, characters
 Pending:  0               |  
 received messages for example:
 "vašku fakt promin,a le vиera se to zrušilo a jб to posнlala ale
 hodnм lidem to prostм nedošlo"
 is correctly
 "vašku fakt promin,a le včera se to zrušilo a já to poslala ale hodně
 lidem to prostě nedošlo"

 or for example

 "kukaиka žulн šmнrбka" is correctly "kukačka žulí šmíráka"

 QIP is set to send messages in UTF-8, ICQ protocol is used. Pidgin is in
 default settings on Windows XP.

 can be this fixed please?

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