[Pidgin] #4593: history-next and history-prev behavior

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Mon Jan 7 14:15:05 EST 2008

#4593: history-next and history-prev behavior
Reporter:  shofixti  |       Owner:  lschiere     
    Type:  defect    |      Status:  new          
Priority:  minor     |   Component:  unclassified 
 Version:  2.3.1     |    Keywords:  binding gntrc
 Pending:  0         |  
 Two-parter, referring mostly to finch:

 1) Ctrl-p and Ctrl-n do not scroll through the IM history (for example, to
 resend a message when a connection error occurs, etc.). The default binds
 for these commands in pidgin is Ctrl-up and Ctrl-down, but I can't make
 these work under finch. Regardless, finch seems to use a lot of readline's
 keybinds like Ctrl-u, Ctrl-e, etc; shouldn't it respect Ctrl-p and Ctrl-n
 as well?

 2) I could make this behave with the following .gntrc entries:

 c-p = history-next
 c-n = history-prev

 But that seems backwards? History-next brings up the last typed message?

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