[Pidgin] #2678: Total count of unseen messages

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#2678: Total count of unseen messages
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 Component:  libpurple    |     Version:  2.1.0                
Resolution:               |    Keywords:  count unseen messages
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Comment (by shreevatsa):

 This count isn't kept by libpurple itself, but both Pidgin and Finch set

 For any conversation `conv`, you can get its unseen count with:
 {{{ unread = purple.PurpleConversationGetData(conv, "unseen-count") }}}

 (Replace `purple` with whatever. If you want to sum over all
 conversations; it's trivial to do it in your language.)

 Note that "unseen" is a property of the UI (Finch thinks a message is
 unread iff it came in a conversation that was not the active "window" of

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