[Pidgin] #4621: MySpace IM causing program freeze at login attempt

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Fri Jan 11 11:31:18 EST 2008

#4621: MySpace IM causing program freeze at login attempt
Reporter:  akb     |       Owner:  lschiere     
    Type:  defect  |      Status:  new          
Priority:  minor   |   Component:  unclassified 
 Version:  2.3.1   |    Keywords:  Adium MySpace
 Pending:  0       |  
 I am using Adium 1.2 with libpurple 2.3.1

 The program freezes and must be force-quitted when I try to log into my
 MySpace IM account. Normally I log intoa ll my accounts at once. This
 happens every time I connect to multiple accounts after starting up
 AdiumX. I am using Adium 1.2 in system 10.5.1 on a G5 iMac over a DSL
 connection. I am connecting to AIM, ICQ, YIM, MSN, GTalk, and MySpace
 accounts. Sometimes, connecting to one account at a time prevents the
 problem from surfacing; sometimes when doing so, the MySpace account
 causes the freeze.

 Sometimes nothing appears in my contact list and I just get the rainbow
 wheel. Other times I get some of my contacts displayed and then the
 rainbow wheel. Sometimes offline messages from YIM pop through before the
 rainbow wheel shows.

 I am enclosing two separate freeze logs and a copy of the "details" output
 that I get when I force quit the program and I am subsequently asked if I
 want to report it to Apple (which I have done).

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