[Pidgin] #2803: msimprpl look at newer versions of MySpaceIM

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#2803: msimprpl look at newer versions of MySpaceIM
  Reporter:  jeff     |       Owner:  jeff    
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 Component:  MySpace  |     Version:  2.1.1   
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Changes (by jeff):

  * summary:  msimprpl look at MySpaceIM 1.0.716.0 => msimprpl look at
              newer versions of MySpaceIM


 This ticket is really about finding out what was added in newer versions
 of the official client. Known clients, with file sizes:

  * 3113576 MSIMClientSetup.1.0.594.0-static.exe
  * 3112792 MSIMClientSetup.1.0.595.0-static.exe
  * 3343200 MSIMClientSetup.1.0.673.0-static.exe
  * 3455896 MSIMClientSetup.1.0.697.0-static.exe
  * 3543512 MSIMClientSetup.1.0.712.0-static.exe
  * 3544240 MSIMClientSetup.1.0.716.0-static.exe
  * 6443864 MSIMClientSetup.1.0.731.0-static.exe
  * 6441224 MSIMClientSetup.1.0.739.0-static.exe
  * 6442824 MSIMClientSetup.1.0.745.0-static.exe

 [wiki:MsimProtocolSpec] was first written with 673 and then (I believe)
 697. This is the version that msimprpl currently implements in libpurple,
 and how msimprpl identifies itself to the server. 712, 716 have not been
 examined. Starting with 731, there is a noticeable jump in size, and the
 icon changes from three white cartoonish figures to a green talk-bubble
 shaped icon with three darker green dots. Skype may have been added in
 this verison; it it available in 745 for sure.

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